Advent Calendar Days 15 – 20

  • Day 15 from the Friends Advent calendar was a sink with a tap & soap!
  • Day 16 was a Christmas pudding with 2 mugs & star shaped cookies!
  • Day 17 was a piece of mistletoe hanging over a fire place.
  • Day 18 was a lamp on an end table with a hardback book.
  • Day 19 was a cute pink couch.
  • Day 20 was a cat on a little perch/cushion.
  • Day 15 of the Star Wars Advent calendar was the space ship beside the Luke Skywalker figurine in picture.
  • Day 16 was a figurine in his cute lil orange suit.
  • Day 17 was a telescope looking thing.
  • Day 18 was an angry looking figure dressed in brown uniform…
  • Day 19 was a spaceship machinery thingy…
  • Day 20 was a white space craft.














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