My one month vegan challenge

To kick off the new year I’ve decided to try out being vegan for a month. 

I was inspired by watching the documentary “Get Vegucated” where three people adopted a vegan diet for 6 weeks and there were significant improvements in their overall health. Also, I found the images of the meat processing industry very distressing so I decided to challenge myself and give veganism a go. 

I will document my progress for the month, any challenges or setbacks and if I’m feeling any different from cutting out all meat related products. 

I’m also supplementing my diet with a multivitamin which includes vitamin B12 and vegetarian omega 3. 

  • Breakfast – toast with sweet chili hummus 
  • Lunch – salad sandwich with more hummus & chips
  • Dinner – veg Indian curry with rice and chickpeas 
  • Snacks – fruit, peach and pear soy yogurt, benefit cereal with orange juice 

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