Vegan challenge: day 2

  • Breakfast: same as yesterday, toast with hummus plus a cup of green tea. I also take my supplements with breakfast so I don’t forget. 
  • Lunch: leftover veggie curry from last nights dinner 
  • Dinner: I got treated to dinner by my BF. We went to the Chili Shack where I ordered three-bean chili with half nachos and half rice topped with coriander, red onion and a lime wedge. I totally forgot to take a pic though! The BF got three-bean fries topped with coriander, chili flakes and jalapeños. 
  • Snacks: pear, more toast and hummus, mixed nuts, peach and strawberry soy yogurt. 

Kinda missed not having sour cream and cheese on my Mexican chili dinner but it wasn’t too bad. Checked the ingredients of gelato and turns out it’s not vegan friendly. Will have to hope I don’t get cravings for ice cream for the next month! 


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