Vegan challenge: day 7

Week 1 of the vegan challenge complete! Have to say I’m pretty proud I made it to a full week but I was missing meat a lot last night. Had to substitute in cereal and orange juice…it’s not quite the same! 

  • Brunch: toast and hummus with green tea 
  • Dinner: went to the market at St. Nicolas’ church and got two boxes of food from the Indian guy who sells vegan and vegetarian dishes. Got a samosa platter with chickpea curry and salad which included veggie pakora, cauliflower pakora, a mixed veggie pakora thing. The second box had a veggie wrap thing filled with more pakora veggies and some chickpea curry. We also got a free curry taster with some chickpeas. 
  • Snacks: grapes 

I can’t recommend the food from the Indian guy enough! It’s so tasty and really reasonably priced especially compared to Indian restaurants. The food tastes really authentic and full of flavour. The food is made to order so there’s a bit of a wait but it’s so worth it! 

 This is the sign outside his food van, not sure if his van has a name..will check next time I’m there. 

This is the chickpea curry appetiser we got while we were waiting.  
This is the samosa curry platter with the different types of pakoras and a spring roll.    


This is the veggie wrap served with chickpea curry. It was massive! 


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