Vegan challenge: day 10

Had some friends over for dinner tonight & served up some pork sausages for them. First time we’ve cooked meat since we started the challenge.

I noticed quite a difference in the pork and veggie sausages. The pork sausages were fried so naturally they were a tad greasy whereas the veggie sausages were not. Seeing the grease on the plate was quite off-putting which is unusual since it never bothered me before but I was actually glad I wasn’t consuming the grease. 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea (surprised I’m not sick of this brekkie yet!) 
  • Lunch: Indian veggie mix from Tesco that had samosas, veggie pakoras and onion bhajis 
  • Dinner: ‘hot dogs’ and roasted sweet spuds with cucumber & tomato salad. The hot dogs were finger buns with pork sausages
  • Snacks: lightly salted tortilla chips, rice noodles 

 Here’s the Indian veggie mix:  


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