Vegan challenge: day 11

Almost two weeks completed! It’s definitely getting easier which is a relief! Finding it very hard to find food that’s vegan friendly in town. Was in the shopping centre and there was actually no convenience food besides junk food that was vegan friendly. Everything had meat or eggs or dairy. Even the veg soup had cream in it. Must be really frustrating for people who are vegan full-time! 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch: went to the Cellar & ordered the veg soup of the day which was tomato and basil with a salad sambo. The OH got soup too with the ciabatta topped with hummus, olives and sundried tomatoes. Really enjoyed the food particularly the soup. 
  • Dinner: rice noodles with a drizzle of sesame oil, green beans and a sprinkling of peanuts for crunch. 

So far still reaping the benefits of being vegan and may keep it up once the challenge is over. Can’t get over the difference in energy levels I’ve been having. No more feeling sluggish after meals and the OH has commented that my cellulite has improved and the bumpiness on my arms is less severe. I didn’t even notice these things until he pointed them out!

Saw an ad for a hamburger from McD’s and wasn’t even tempted compared to this time last week when I nearly caved for salmon sushi. Feeling like the challenge is getting easier and it’s not so bad being vegan!  
Salad sambo with tomato and basil soup from The Cellar 


Ciabatta with hummus, olives and sundried tomatoes with tomato and basil soup from The Cellar 


Rice noodles with green beans and peanuts 



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