Vegan challenge: day 12 

I’m in London for the weekend visiting my friend ‘M’ so it may be a bit of a struggle to stay vegan but I’ll do my best! 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea 
  • Post breakfast: salad sambo with salt and vinegar McCoys
  • Lunch: went to Wagamama and found lots of vegan items. I ordered veggie gyoza to start and veggie katsu curry with brown rice. The OH ordered a mushroom, aubergine bread roll to start and veggie noodles for the main. We also got suckered into getting a portion of edamame for “picking at” by the very friendly waitress and were actually too full to eat em. Pretty sickened we left half a bowl behind! Since we’re on hols, went all out and ordered juices too. I got the “positive” juice which had cucumber, spinach, pineapple and apple. The OH got the “tropical” juice with mango and …I actually can’t remember the rest of the ingredients in it! The food was so so good and while it was very pricy…it was a holiday treat. 
  • Dinner: went to Blue & Orange for dinner & it was delish. Ordered the stuffed aubergine minus the cheese and it came with rice and salad. Got a portion of roast potatoes on the side too. The OH got chargrilled veggies with pitta bread and M ordered a veggie pizza. To start we shared a hummus tomato and pitta plate. 

 Wagamama: veggie gyoza
Wagamama: Positive and tropical juices   

Wagamama:  veggie noodles with tofu


Wagamama: veggie katsu curry with brown rice  

Wagamama: edamame with garlic and chili   

Wagamama: aubergine and mushroom bun  
Blue & orange: hummus tomato pitta plate

 Blue & orange: stuffed aubergine with rice and salad   

Blue & orange: roast potatoes   

Blue & orange: chargrilled veggies and pittas   



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