London day 2 

This morning met my friend ‘C’ for brekkie in ‘Le Pain Quotidian’ in Central London. 

Then we browsed the shops and had lots of fun in the Disney store! So much Star Wars merch. I was very tempted. 

Stopped off for tea at Pret a Manger before ‘C’ headed home and the rest of us headed to Liberty for a gander and boy was I glad we did because…we saw Helena Bonham Carter! I didn’t go over to her since I didn’t want to harass her but I did gawk like a star struck fan for the duration of her being in the vicinity! My first movie star sighting! 

Then we went to Hamley’s which was so fun! Explored the third floor for board games where I found ‘Articulate’ for £40. Absolutely mad price for it. I paid about €20 for mine at home! Also checked out the fifth floor for LEGO! There were so many cool Lego sculptures with so much detail. On the way down we spotted ‘The Hobbit’ merch and other geeky merch like Harry Potter wands. 

 Little R2D2 exploring the Disney shop.  
Lifesize Stormtrooper   

Disney shop R2D2  
Had a friends moment with the wind-up toys. I won! I chose the yellow thing..the OH was a fraction behind as Mr Bear with a drum


Lego Millenium Falcon compete with BB8! 

The closest I’ll get to the royal family 


Harry Potter wands: the third one from the left is Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand aka Helana Bonham Carter’s wand! 



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