Vegan challenge: day 13

Since I’m on holidays on London for the weekend I decided to be a bit more lenient on myself with the vegan challenge and had eggs for dinner…managed to stick to no dairy or meat so I’m pretty happy with myself! 

  • Breakfast: went to central London for brekkie with my friends ‘C’ and ‘M’ in ‘Le Pain Quotidian’. Got the vegan mushroom toast which was very good. The mustard added a nice kick. Got green tea too to go with it. 
  • Lunch: passed a small kebab shop next to the Oxford Circus underground station selling huge samosas so got myself a veg samosa filled with peas and potatoes. It was quite spicy and the pastry wrapping was lovely and thick. Would definitely get one again and it was only £2.50. 
  • Dinner: headed to ‘The Breakfast Club’ at the Liverpool Station underground. Was inspired by the mish-mash of souvenirs they have clipped to the wire fence. Think I’ll do my own version of it with the souvenirs from travels but using a web of twine. Ordered the Veggie All American Breakfast & got scrambled eggs with no milk. We also shared a portion of chips to start. For dessert got the Tropical Gangster cocktail that was very boozy with rum and very creamy. The OH got the veggie burrito with rice. 

London day 2 food outings were delish and I’d go back to all three places. 

 Le Pain Quotidian: green tea 
Le Pain Quotidian: vegan mushroom toast   

  Street food: huge veg samosa 


The Breakfast Club: Veggie All American Breakfast 

The Breakfast Club: veggie burrito 

  The Breakfast Club: tropical gangster cocktail 


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