Vegan challenge: day 14/London: 3  

End of week 2 of the vegan challenge. Feeling good I made it to the halfway point without eating meat or fish or dairy. I had some eggs in London but oh well! 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with lemon green tea & fresh fruit – thanks M! 
  • Lunch/dinner: went to the airport and got a falafel burger in ‘Giraffe’. Substituted the halloumi and tzatziki for avocado. The OH got the veggie all day brekkie and M got the feta salad. The burger and veggie brekkie were so delish and the waiter was really nice and understanding about my vegan-ism. 
  • Snacks: we made Jamie Oliver’s vegan brownies in M’s house before we left for the airport. They are delish & super rich. She cut me a huge piece and I could only manage a quarter. Will definitely be making them again.
  • Got home from the airport pretty late so made rice noodles with green beans and nuts to ride me over til breakfast. Also had a peach. 

Goodbye London! I won’t miss your extortionate prices! M showed us how the back of the coins can be arranged to make a shield! Very funky! 

Thanks to C and M who made our trip so good and especially to M for being a great host and letting us sleep in her bed for the weekend! 

 Jamie Oliver’s vegan brownies pre-oven 

So gooey and rich   

 Giraffe: falafel burger 

Giraffe: veggie breakfast   

Giraffe: feta salad


Discovered this chili sauce in Giraffe. Will be on the lookout to get my own bottle. 

Missing a few coins to make a complete shield.. 


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