Vegan challenge: day 15 

Starting week 3 of the vegan challenge! Just two more weeks to go. Surprised I even lasted this long, bar the egg eating in London. Today for lunch, there were no veggie sambos available that were vegan so it was a toss up between cheese or eggs. I chose eggs. 

  • Breakfast: benefit cereal & orange juice 
  • Lunch: egg mayo sambo and potato and leek soup 
  • Dinner: went to my friend ‘G’s house for dinner & she was so good & made us a lovely vegan curry. She used a Jamie Oliver recipe and it had sweet potato, chickpeas and spinach. Totally inspired to use spinach in my curries in the near future. Of course went grocery shopping & then forgot to get the spinach but next week! 
  • Snacks: was very hangry before dinner so went mad snacking on anything I could find in the kitchen, a peach, salt and vinegar hula hoops and nuts. Also had some crackers and hummus at G’s house and a rice cracker with hummus as a mini starter. 

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