Vegan challenge: day 16

Today I got some great news that was cause for celebration! I got offered a new job position so my sister and her BF treated myself and the OH to dinner in Cactus a Jacks. They were using a Groupon for fajitas and there was only prawn, chicken or beef to choose from. No veggie option. So since I was celebrating getting a new job I had a non-vegan dinner. The challenge will resume as normal tomorrow and I can always add on an extra day to make up for today! 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch: same as brekkie and also a slice of bread with McCoy salt and vinegar, some lettuce and potato and leek soup. 
  • Dinner: Cactus jacks spicy wings to start and prawn fajitas. I didn’t eat any of the dip or sour cream so I avoided dairy. The wings were really good and spicy and practically the same as the ones from Seven except that the portion in Seven is about three times larger! The prawn fajitas were very tasty but there was a lack of prawns…only about 4 prawns in my portion but they were lovely and fresh. The OH ordered chili nachos to start and chicken fajitas. 

 Cactus jacks: spicy chicken wings 
Cactus jacks: chili nachos   

Cactus jacks: prawn fajitas   


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