Vegan challenge: day 19/ 6 year anniversary dinner 

Coming towards the end of week 3! Pretty happy with myself for lasting this long and succumbing to meat just once and eggs a couple of times…

We decided to celebrate our anniversary tonight by going out for dinner to The Buddha Bar. The OH skipped being vegan for dinner and I just had a taste of his noodles from the main course. 

  • Breakfast: fig and hazelnut loaf and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch: brought my leftovers from last nights dinner for lunch but I wasn’t feeling up to eating it so I was bold and got an egg mayo sambo and veg soup which I got free cos there was only a half portico left. Yay! 
  • Dinner: went all out and got two courses and a cocktail for dinner. Malaysian veg gyoza to start and udon vegetable noodles for the main course. I also got a Bangkok bramble cocktail which was super yummy. The food was delicious and great value! Definitely will be getting the udon noodles again, the flavour was so good and the tofu was really fresh. The OH ordered chicken satay skewers to start and Singapore noodles for his main. The noodles were lovely. He also got the Franciscan well beer and a super split cocktail. 




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