Vegan challenge: day 21 

Reached the end of week 3! And…I was bold and ate eggs and *gasp* meat too. Oops. Will add another day to the end of the challenge to complete 30 days of being vegan! (So that’s 2..) 

  • Breakfast: the OH made me dairy-free scrambled eggs and toast 
  • Lunch: went to an all you can eat buffet in the Sunshine restaurant so I cracked & had some chicken & beef. Oops. The food was quite good. The broccoli in the chicken & broccoli was really good whereas the chicken itself was a tad too soft. The chicken curry was yum. Very similar to my dads  curry sauce and then I had a pile of noodles and rice and chips since it was all you can eat…! I also had some beef in black bean sauce which was yum. 
  • Dinner: went to my sisters & brought the Tesco spring rolls and Indian snack mix for a starter and she had made/defrosted veg curry using a curry brick which was lovely and some rice. Scoffed a lot of Tesco brand prawn shells after which taste just like skips and are vegan. Will definitely be getting those again! 

 Thanks sis & D! Good luck with your own vegan challenge! 



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