Vegan challenge: day 25

The OH hit a mini milestone today so to celebrate I treated him to dinner in Scotty’s Steakhouse.

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch/dinner: managed to stay vegan in Scotty’s steakhouse. Very proud of myself for not ordering a burger..! I got the Hot Veggie which was stir fried veggies served on a bap with a baked spud. Very yum and so filling. Ate half and was full! My sis and her BF joined and I had some of her vegan Duranga wedges which were also really good and super filling. 
  •  Snacks: more toast and hummus, attempted to make a chocolate mug cake but didn’t put in enough sugar… 

 Vegan Durango wedges (we asked for no sour cream, mayo, cheese) 
Hot Veggie “burger” and baked spud   


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