Vegan challenge: day 28

Had a nice lazy Sunday and browsed the shops for some bits and bobs. Visiting Iceland in a few weeks so was on the lookout for thermals. Found some good quality ones in Portwest and another outdoorsy shop but the budget didn’t allow for them so ended up getting thermals in Penneys! With enough layers on it should be grand! 

  • Brunch: went back to Food For Thought & got veg soup and a salad sambo. The OH had a bit of a sore head so he skipped the vegan challenge for today & ordered a BLT. 
  • Dinner: got 3 boxes of food from the Indian food van at the market. It was a tad blustery out so we got a free mini tub of curry to keep us warm. So generous! He also didn’t charge us for the rice box. I got the samosa box with curry and the OH got onion bhajis with curry. Delish! I highly recommend getting food from this guy! 
  • Snacks: went to Bean & Cone & got the mixed berry dairy-free gelato & the OH got Reese’s cups gelato. The dairy-free gelato is so yum & I can’t even tell the difference between that & regular gelato. Munched on some rich tea biscuits while in Seapoint too. 

Went to Seapoint & lucked out with 5 symbols!! Couldn’t believe it! Won €12! However I was playing for my sister so I didn’t get to keep the winnings but she did give me €2 with which I won €4! And the OH got a new teddy to add to our collection & then my sis won a minion with a voucher for Bean & Cone. She generously donated the teddy to a girl who spent €25 trying to win a minion. 






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