Vegan challenge: day 29 

Coming towards the home stretch! Only 4 days of my vegan challenge left! The OH has sorta quit and will be on/off vegan depending on his mood. 

  • Breakfast: jazzed it up a little & added a lovely ripe avocado to my usual hummus & toast plus green tea. 
  • Lunch: skipped lunch to get my hair cut in preparation of the Chinese New Year. Lobbed loads off & I’m not used to it now! 
  • Dinner: this week was our turn to host & my sis & her BF joined but G couldn’t make it. I made a vegan curry with aubergine, butternut squash, courgettes, peppers, peas & mushrooms donated by my sis served with chickpea and cardamom rice. They also brought garlic naan for the non-vegans & plain pittas for the vegans. 
  • Snacks: hadn’t eaten since breakfast @9ish til 6 so before dinner I scoffed a McCoys salt and vinegar crisp sambo & a load of grapes. 

Got another €10 voucher from Seapoint! We couldn’t not go so off we went. Didn’t get so lucky tonight but D lucked out with the jackpot! My sis & D won 2 teddies too before we left. Not a bad Monday! Also got confirmation on my new job & will be starting next week!





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