Vegan challenge: day 31

Second last day of my one month vegan challenge! 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch: same as breakfast plus a banana and grapes. 
  • Dinner: was starved after Chinese class which ended at 9pm and the OH hadn’t eaten since 12pm so we went to Charcoal Grill for a quick dinner. I got the falafel meal & the OH got a doner kebab (no surprise there!). The portion was massive and came with 8 balls of falafel. Delish! 
  • Snacks: went to a data collection  thing for a mindfulness study I signed up for and they served veggie pizza during the break so I had 2 slices minus the cheese. Also had an after dinner dessert of a juicy orange. 

 Charcoal Grill: lamb doner kebab (the OH has quit the vegan challenge…) 
 Charcoal Grill: falafel meal plus chips  



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