Vegan challenge: day 32

Today was the final day of my ‘One Month Vegan Challenge’! I added two extra days to make up for the two meat-meals I had during the month. I’m pretty happy with myself for lasting for a good while before succumbing to meat. I learned a lot through over the last month but I’ll discuss that in another post. 

  • Breakfast: toast and hummus with green tea. 
  • Lunch: was teaching so didn’t have any! 
  • Dinner: got an invite from my sis at 5pm to go to Lana in Salthill for dinner & since I hadn’t eaten since the morning I said sure! Ordered vegetable Lana special noodles which had mixed veg, tofu and udon noodles. I would rate them a 6/10. Not bad but I wouldn’t rave about them and they paled in comparison to the veg udon I got in Buddha Bar recently. They were too sweet for my liking. I’m convinced the plastic/cardboard cartons they serve the food in are imparting a plastic-y flavour onto the food which is quite off-putting. Next time I’ll ask if they can serve the food in a bowl & see if it makes a difference. We also got Spring rolls to celebrate the start of Spring in the Lunar calendar. My sis had a €10 voucher for Seapoint so ended up in Seapoint afterwards for a bit. 
  • Dinner 2.0: the OH wasn’t finished work til 8pm so I roasted some veg (courgette, red pepper and tomatoes with some garlic cloves) in the oven drizzled with oil and then boiled some linguine. Tried the Aldi tomato chilli sauce, heated it separate and tossed in the pasta and chopped up the veg. It got good reviews from the OH so I’ll definitely be making it again & getting that sauce again. Also threw the Tesco Indian snack mix into the oven as a starter for him too. 
  • Snacks: had 2 fig rolls after dinner 

Lana Spring roll feat. my sisters new manicure she did herself  
Lana Spring roll – intact.   

Lana: vegetable Lana special noodles in the takeout carton. 

 Lana noodles decanted into a bowl. 
Seapoint: sister wins again!   

Tesco Indian snack mix 

Roast veg linguine with Aldi tomato and red chilli sauce 



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