My last day in the lab…

Yesterday marked the last day in the research lab and university (for now). It didn’t really hit me until tea time with everyone in the lab and S was so good and made me a batch of brownies. They were delish! Thanks S! Then I got spoiled rotten and got gifts from the lab and M. Everyone was so thoughtful and sweet. I got a voucher for afternoon tea and a voucher for a full body massage. Those guys know me so well! Thanks a mill guys!! 

Then before my last lab meeting I said goodbye to the C and the techs and K was so sweet and thoughtful and got me a card and gift. I didn’t get a chance to open it until after the lab meeting and discovered she got a Lego Wall-E! Thanks a mill K!! You really shouldn’t have!! I can’t wait to build him! 

Everyone was so lovely and thoughtful, it mad me sad to leave! Plus I’m nervous about starting my new job on Monday..! It’s not gonna be the same not seeing all the people I worked with over the past 3+ years everyday. 

Had my last lab meeting and handed back my keys to my supervisor. It really hit me then that I’m leaving! On the up side, I will be back to visit when I can and have to graduate yet so I’ll be back for that! 

Bye guys!! I’m gonna miss ye! 

The yummy brownies S baked.  

 S also got me these mega cute ‘I miss you’ sweets. Thanks S!!   
The lovely card K got me    
The pressie I got from K – check out the gorge wrapping paper! 


Can’t believe K got me this!! It’s Lego Wall-E! Thanks again K!! 





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