Review: Papa Rich restaurant 

Got myself a Groupon for Papa Rich in Woodquay – a main and dessert for four people which was €50. My sis, her BF, the OH and I tried it out yesterday to celebrate D’s job. 

The interior decor is very quirky, it has cut away style walls with traditional scenes depicted. 

I ordered Papa’s Chapchea Noodles with tofu and the OH got Grandma’s Special Curry with chicken. Both dishes were so tasty and pretty big. I tasted my sisters dish and D’s which were the White Curry Noodles with tofu and Thai Crispy Chicken and they were both really good too. We all agreed the food was lovely and we’ll definitely be back. The prices are very reasonable too and we got a side dish of hand cut chips for only €2.50. I’ve seen some places charge double that so I was very happy with their prices! 

Dessert with the Groupon was either fruit salad which my sis got since she’s taken up veganism and the rest of us got cheesecake that came with a lovely sesame egg roll style wafer. 

Overall I would rate Papa Rich with a 4/5. Highly recommend! 



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