Holidays in Reykjavik, Iceland – review: Scandinavian Restaurant 

The Scandinavian restaurant was next door to our hotel so we popped in for dinner. I love  Scandinavia so it was a natural choice. They had chalkboards with different Scandinavian dishes, one for each country. 

I ordered from the Iceland board with the fish of the day which was Blueling baked with sautéed veg and a tomato cream sauce. It was really tasty and my first time eating Blueling. The veg in particular were really lovely and had a great flavour. 

The rest of the family ordered lobster tails and the cheese burger. The lobster came with 6 tails, was super fresh and the sweetest lobster I’ve ever had. It was lightly seasoned with garlic butter and had a fantastic flavour. 

The cheeseburger was cooked to your preference (the OH chose medium) and had a really good flavour.   

We also ordered a seafood soup which wasn’t as thick as my Dad would have preferred but I thought it had a good natural seafood flavour and the salmon was fresh and tasty.  
Overall: a delicious meal – 4*

Based on the lobster alone – 5*


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