Holidays in Iceland – Dinner in Sjavargrillid

Being the seafood fan that I am, we had to check out the restaurant named Sjavargrillid aka Seafood Grill. The hotel receptionist recommended it and rightly so. The food was delicious and they served us an amuse bouche to start and bread with lovely Icelandic butter.


I ordered the lamb after hearing so much about how tasty Icelandic lamb is from our tour guide. The lambs are allowed to roam free in the countryside eating whatever natural foliage they find so the meat is extra tasty. The lamb had a lovely flavour and was cooked really well.

My mum ordered the fish of the day which was hake and my dad ordered a pasta dish topped with a lot of green salad.


Each dish was cooked to a high standard and tasted delicious. Also had a taste of Icelandic vodka and it was quite refreshing. It didn’t burn my throat the way Russian vodka does and just had a subtle heat to it.

All in all, a great restaurant that I’d definitely recommend.


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