Holidays in Iceland – Last dinner in Reykjavik

For our last dinner in Iceland, we decided to return to the Scandinavian restaurant, both for it’s great dishes and close proximity to the hotel.

Discovered a great white wine called San Valentin so I made sure to note that down so I could get it when I went home.

My mam ordered the lobster feast, again, because 6 lobsters a few days prior just wasn’t enough…


The OH ordered the burger again because it was so tasty and 3 burgers in one week just didn’t cut it…


I ordered the lobster open sandwich which was delicious and indulgent.


My two lobster tails look almost lonesome with the pile of lobsters on the other plate..!

This restaurant serves great Scandinavian food and the staff are helpful and patient. If we had more time I would have liked to try the other traditional dishes.

Goodbye Iceland, I’ll be back soon…!



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