Dinner in Royal Villa

Having just come home from our holiday in Iceland, of course there wasn’t any food in the house and rather than do groceries we decided to go out for dinner seeing as we were still on a holiday high. We had a loyalty card for Royal Villa filled up so we were able to bag ourselves a free main course!

We got steamed pork dumplings to start which were lovely and delicately made. I could eat a bowlful of dumplings and be perfectly happy. Unfortunately there were only four, but it is a starter portion.


For the main, I ordered the special beef in a black pepper merlot sauce or something along those lines. It was delicious. Nice and peppery and the beef was well cooked.


Himself ordered the crispy spicy chicken which came in a sticky sauce, not my favourite kind of dish but he can’t get enough of it. I prefer my crispy chicken to be a dry dish or with a sauce for dipping on the side. It was really good though and the chicken wasn’t rubbery.

We both had fried rice as an accompaniment. Overall, the food was delicious this time round. I find that the food quality varies depending on what night you go in and sometimes the food tastes quite poor but it’s definitely improved since the last time we visited. They need to work on being more consistent!



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