Advent Calendar Days 10-16 

Almost a week overdue..oops!

Counting backwards from today…

Day 16 – a “festive” plane…

Star Wars – C3PO…in silver and wearing what looks like a belly top to reveal his wiring…

Day 15 – a shop front complete with money. I really like the ‘glass’ window. 

Star Wars – a spaceship to join all the others…

Day 14 – a “festive” helicopter…

Star Wars – a spaceship 

Day 13 – a rugged, aggressive looking construction/demolition man. How he fits into an advent calendar is beyond me…maybe he puts up fairy lights. 

Star Wars – a droid among the spaceships 

Day 12 – a retro lamp-post complete with Christmas wreath. 

Star Wars – a spaceship 

Day 11 – a bare tree decked out with pretty fairy lights. Check out those branches! 

Star Wars – yet another spaceship 

Day 10 – a female ice hockey player. Love her pink helmet and scarf. 

Star Wars – another spaceship *shocker*


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