Interrailing Day 10

Day 10 interrailing: For our last day in Stockholm we spent the morning at the fabulous Drottningholm Palace. 👑 Got the guided tour which was really informative. We weren’t allowed to take photos during the tour which I thought was a good idea so you can focus more on absorbing the info. 📸 Loved the Queens library filled with 18th century books. 📚🖌Of course I found yet another gorgeous chandelier…💡 Unfortunately the Chinese Pavilion was closed and doesn’t open until May. 😕🏯 

Went for a stroll around the shops and then finished up our day in Djurgården. 🦆🌱
#holiday #interrail #interraileu #sweden #stockholm #drottningholmsslott #drottningholm #drottningholmpalace #royalpalace #guidedtour #drottningholmsteatern #nophotos #idea #chandelier #closedforwinter #stroll #djurgarden #lastdayinstockholm 


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