Interrailing Day 12

Interrailing Day 12: Visited the Museum of Gothenburg. A ticket is valid for the year and into 4 other museums for only 40 SEK! Bargain! The Museum was interesting and gave good insights into the history of Gothenburg. Spent the afternoon browsing the shops and stumbled upon not one but two Lush shops!! Picked up a soap and a massage bar. Anastasia was really helpful and demo’d the face cleanser, serum, face mask & soap! Got some fresh face mask samples too. Headed to the Maritiman Museum in the afternoon only to find it closed. Pity! Seeing the Fjällräven Kånka backpack everywhere! Debating whether or not to get one…they come in so many colours! Decisions decisions…! Anyone recommend them? 
#holiday #interrail #interraileu #gothenburg #goteborg #museumofgothenburg #goteborgsstadsmuseum #history #annualpass #museum #lushcosmetics #massagebar #soap #customerservice #freshfacemask #demo #fjällräven #kånken #backpack 


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