Interrailing Day 14

Interrailing Day 14: Off to Copenhagen! 🇩🇰Unfortunately there was an accident a couple of days ago so our train got cancelled. 🚉Getting to Copenhagen took some detours on a train and some buses but eventually got on the train to a Copenhagen. 🚌 Saw some lovely scenery on the way and lots of cute cottages. 🏘
Checked into the Wake Up hotel close to the central station. It’s a hotel of firsts for me – a sachet of hair and body gel. 🚿 I figure they’re trying to be environmentally friendly, but to me tossing a sachet after each use generates more waste than a container. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also the double bed is the first I’ve seen where there is no space on both sides. 🛏 It has been described as a “capsule” hotel. Guess that explains the lack of bedside space. Loving the nighttime view from our window. The colours accenting the walls of the buildings is so pretty. 🔆

Spent the day wandering through the centre of the city. Can’t help but notice it’s undergoing a lot of renovations. 🏗 A lot of cranes and construction work will feature in the photos! Spotted the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, author of my favourite childhood tales especially The Little Mermaid. 🌊 

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