Interrailing Day 15

Interrailing Day 15: Today was all about one thing – lego! We’re both huge lego fans so we were really looking forward to this visit. It didn’t disappoint! I was a bit trigger happy with my cameras (three in total) and took over 900 photos..! πŸ“· The Legoland resort in Billund has it all – amazing attention to detail, loads to see, amusements, rollercoasters, an aquarium and penguins! 🎑🏯🐧 We were really impressive with Mini Land. πŸ—Ί The builds are really impressive and have a lot of electronics which I didn’t know about previously. Was pleasantly surprised to see the mini theatrics in each build. ⛲️ I didn’t go on any of the rides because I can’t handle anything that goes remotely fast or leaves the ground. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ€’ However I did have a near miss! We were at the end of the Haunted House and heading into a room with two rows of seats. πŸ‘»We’re asked to place our bags on a trolley and sit in the chairs with our arms crossed. I sit down and get a chance to have a proper look around and notice there’s a vertical rail the whole way up the room and finally realise it’s actually a type free-fall ride. 🎒 I start to panic and Andy is all “it’ll be grand” but I know well it’s not so I ask the attendant if it’s fast. He pauses to think and says “a bit, yeah” so I scoot straight out of the room! πŸ˜…Saw the video of it in action and I definitely would not have liked it one bit. 😐 So thankful I copped on before the ride started!! My top three highlights of Legoland were the Haunted House, Mini Land and the small pirate boat trip that goes into a cave and is full of surprises. πŸ›ΆπŸβ›°


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