Interrailing Day 17

Interrailing Day 17: for our final day of the trip we headed to Odense to see the birthplace of my favourite fairy tale writer – Hans Christian Andersen. ✒️ The Hans a Christian Andersen museum had a library of his works that have been translated in over 150 languages. 📚They displayed many of his artefacts, books and personal belongings.🎩 It also contains the room in which he was born. The museum was well laid out and also includes a brief history of 1800’s when he was alive. The ticket into the museum also includes same day entry into his childhood home which is located about 10 minutes on foot from the museum. There was more construction work to be found so we had to take a little detour but it’s relatively easy to find. 🏗The house is contains a small exhibit of his works and life and displayed what the house would have looked like during his time. There’s also a small garden at the back of the house which can be viewed with the same ticket. 🏠Odense is a quaint little town that has a pretty park and some interesting sculptures..all in all a good way to spend the day if you’re a fan of H. C. Andersen. 📜🖌🦆
When we got back to Copenhagen we spent the rest of the day browsing the shops. Popped into the flagship Lego shop. Can’t get enough Lego! Finished up with a wander around the canals. A nice chilled way to finish up our interrailing trip. 🚢


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