Summer trip to Majorca 🏝

Flew to Palma de Mallorca for a summer getaway to recharge the ol’ batteries & bake in the heat for a few days. 


  • Sunshine ☀️ 
  • Cocktails 🍹 
  • Food 🥘 
  • Aquarium – shark & sea turtle feeding 🦈
  • Pokémon Go – added a significant number of new Pokémon to my pokedex 🥚 😊
  • The DJ at the hotel playing Bat Country for me 🦇🤘🏼
  • Hotel proximity to the beach – 200m 🌴👙
  • Decorative squirrels on house pillars 🐿


  • Melting in the heat 😅
  • Bus drama with two women screaming insults at each other while we’re all squished in like sardines 😳

BQ Amfora Hotel
At the beach
Palma de Mallorca
Piña colada & strawberry mojito
Mixed tapas at Tapas y Mas
Chilli con carne & tortilla @ Flip Flop
Adorable squirrel on a pillar
Platja de Palma
Platja de Palma feat. the Fjällräven Kånken
Strawberry Daiquiri & frozen Sex on the Beach
Pokémon Go hunting
Starfish @ Palma Aquarium
Shark feeding @ Palma Aquarium


​  ​  


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