I am definitely one of those people who live to eat…so much so that my friend suggested I start a blog about it…

“The ultimate dream”..I said…“is to get paid to travel and eat!”.

So I thought..ok! And so it begins….I take photos of all the things I eat (most of the time) and just like to have them as a souvenir of that meal and I can remember details much more vividly when matched to a photo of the food that was eaten at the time. So now I have a place to put all those foodie photos and I can look back with fond memories.

I have separate sections set up within this page to give some sort of order to the masses of food photos I’ve stocked up on over the past couple of years…these are “Eating In”, “Eating Out” and “Recipes”.

Eating In: photos of food I’ve made at home myself, probably not to a specific recipe…

Eating Out: photos of food I have not made myself and as the title eaten while dining away from home.

Recipes: here I’ll post recipes I’ve tried and tested, and not all may be successful but it’s my attempt at whatever recipe took my fancy…most recipes are by other authors with perhaps some variations to make them “mine”. 


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